3 ways to acquire your equipment

The are several ways to get your new equipment. Bramidan offers three different options:

1. Buy

You can choose to buy your equipment. No need to worry about monthly payment rates, interests, or administration fees.

2. Rental

We also offer rental of equipment. If you choose to rent, you simply return the equipment to us when your rental period expires.

3. Financial lease

If you decide to finance your equipment, you own the equipment but is responsible for monthly payments. We allow for up to 72 months financial lease programs.*

*The price is calculated based on your leasing period, your
total price, and the age and condition of the equipment.

Transparent and fair

We offer fair and transparent agreements with no hidden costs:

  • Our agreements are typically time-limited
  • Flexible rental periods, based on your preferences
  • You may add service or maintenance plans as well

Easy up or downgrades

We can typically work with the customer to up or downgrade the equipment as needed.

Bramidan Finance Partners

Bramidan offers a number of different partnership options for both rental, finance and extended payment terms. We have pre-negotiated rates with multiple large players, and have never had a customer fail the approval for leasing a piece of equipment.

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