FAQ's - Troubleshooting service issues & compactor repair

We answer the most common questions about compactor repair and service issues.

  1. Has your equipment been emptied recently? It is possible that the hauler switch is turned off or the main disconnect is off.
  2. Check the top switch.
  1. Check site gauge/oil view port for oil level.
  2. Check for oil on ground near compactor or power unit.
  1. Check hoses to ensure they are connected.
  2. Push and pull E-stop for possible full reset.

We suggest using the following products to fix the odor/smell:

  1. Glacier Ozone
  2. Sonozaire
  3. Liquid deodorizer
  4. Odor granules


Check that hoses are connected properly.

Other possible issues:

  1. Possible limit switch/sensor issue, call for service.
  2. Possible pressure switch issue, call for service.
  3. Possible directional valve issue, call for service.          

There could be a possible electrical issue with motor. Please call for service.

There could be a possible weak/old circuit breaker. Please call an electrician.

No, oil can not evaporate. There could be a possible leak on the power unit, hoses or cylinder(s).  We recommend having a technician take a look. Please call for service.

Check owner’s manual for oil information. Most units can use AW32 or AW46 oil.

The oil is contaminated with water. You will need an oil change and inspection. Call for service.

Please refer to the owner's manual for the OEM recommendation on maintenance and PM schedules for your specific equipment.

Generally, we recommend preventive maintenance at least once every year. Call us to schedule maintenance on your waste compactor, crusher, or garbage disposal.