FAQ's - Installation & operation

Most common questions on installation and operation of our equipment:

The best place to install your baler depends on your internal work procedure and waste flow. We suggest placing the baler near the waste source to allow for more efficient waste handling.

We are happy to help you find the best location for your machine.

We recommend placing the machine indoors. If it is outdoors, it must be placed under a covered roof in weather that is not excessively cold or rainy.

Be aware that placing the baler in a consistently cold environment will affect its performance. If it is located in an area that is very cold, we recommend a special hydraulic oil to prevent potential issues.

Contact a member of our sales team if you are interested in placing a machine outside or in a cold environment.

All of our balers receive a high-quality, anti-rust treatment to strengthen and protect the surfaces, as well as flaking paint.

No, our machines are very easy and simple to operate.

To start the automatic press cycle, press a single button and walk away. When the bale is finished, use the turnbuckle to open the lower door. Tying off the bale is very easy with our unique pre-loading system.

Yes, Bramidan balers are safe to operate. Our vertical balers meet the highest safety standards. All of our equipment is accredited by ANSI Z245.5 and OSHA Safety Standards. All control panels are UL and CUL approved.

To protect users, all moving parts are placed inside the machine. In order to eject a finished bale, the operator must stand safely next to the machine and use a two-handed ejection system.

You must be at least 16 years old to load the baler and 18 years old to operate, eject bales and empty the machine. Our built-in safety mechanism means that all permitted users can operate the machine safely after completing a short training.

When the baler is full, the orange full-bale indicator light located under the start button will blink. The press plate will also stay in the down position. This prevents the chamber from being overfilled.
We also offer our BRA-IN monitoring solution, which automatically updates you when your machine is full. You will receive a text or email when the bale is finished, telling you it is time to tie off and eject. Our monitoring solution also allows you to notify your recycler or hauler when an agreed upon number of bales are ready for pickup.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Learn more about BRA-IN Bramidan Intelligent Monitoring Solution.

Yes, our balers require manual tying. However, it is very easy and quick to tie a finished bale with our unique tying system.

All of our balers have a special pre-load system, which makes it both safe and easy to tie off a cardboard or plastic bale. Since the wire and strapping is loaded prior to baling, there is no need to go behind the baler.

1. While the baler is empty, pull the strapping or wire along the channels inside the chamber and secure with a loop at the front of the machine.
2. Baler is ready to use - toss in material and make a cardboard or plastic bale.
3. When baler is full, pull the strapping or wire from the back of the chamber to the front. Tie with the loops you made earlier.
4. The machine has a knife attached to easily cut strapping.
5. Eject the finished bale.

Yes, most of our balers accommodate baling wire. However, our smaller models can only be used with strapping.

We offer a variety of different strapping and wire for your baler. Contact a member of our sales team for a quote.

No, we do not. All of our vertical balers are manual tie.

The number of bales per hour depends on the baler model and material. In general, you should be able to get 3 - 4 bales in our smaller machines. For our larger machines, you will get two or less.

The press cycles are very fast. All of our machines have a press cycle of less than 43 seconds.

Our vertical balers are very quiet, in fact, they are the quietest on the market due to the state-of-the-art power packs. The noise level on our machines is equivalent to that of a computer printer. Since they are so low, our machines can be placed in a variety of work spaces without causing a disruption.

All of our small footprint balers have a single-phase power pack for easy installation.

Our low-profile X10 HD baler is available with both a three-phase or single-phase power pack.

Yes, we do.

Contact a member of our sales team to hear about the different power packs we supply.

Yes, we can modify the machine's power pack to match most power requirements.

Contact a member of our sales team to find a solution that is right for you.

Yes, our machines can be placed against the wall. If strapping rolls are placed on the back of the machine, we can easily remount a new strapping roll holder on top. This way, you can push the baler up against the wall.

We offer a digital lockpad for our machines. When the lockpad is installed, only people with the access code can operate the baler.

Our balers are high-quality machines that are designed for a minimum amount of maintenance and low costs.

Depending on the type of baler and level of use, we recommend preventive maintenance once a year to keep the equipment running long term.

Learn more about our service team here.

Depending on the dimensions and max load of your elevator, this may be possible.

Please consider extra space around the machine for packaging and wrapping, if you plan to transport in an elevator. Our balers are not delivered on pallets, as they are always manufactured with lifting groves. All of our balers are shipped standing up. In the case of transporting balers from our B-series, it is possible to lower the external cylinders to keep the height as low as possible. However, this requires extra service hours and may incur an additional fee.