FAQ's - Vertical balers

Most frequently asked questions about vertical balers:

A vertical baler is a machine that reduces the overall volume of your loose waste material by making a compact and tight bundle called a bale.

Using the filling opening, you can easily toss your loose cardboard or soft plastic into the baler. A press plate uses extreme force to compress the material by pushing downward. The material remains compacted due to the retainer dogs inside of the chamber of the baler.

Continue to throw material into the baler until you have compacted enough waste for a full bale. Then, the finished bale is manually tied off with polyblend strapping or wire. The size and weight of the finished bale are determined by the size of your baler.

The finished bales take up a limited amount of space and are easy to move. Baling your waste material offers you an easy solution for waste disposal.

Bramidan offers a variety of different baler designs, balers which are perfect for handling your waste.

Our specialists are ready to advise you on the type of baler that will best suit the needs of your business. Please contact a member of our team for further information.

You can compact a surprising number of different types of waste in a vertical baler.

We offer machines to bale:

• Cardboard and paper
• Shrink wrap and plastic packaging
• Plastic PET bottles
• Plastic trays and containers
• Aluminum and tin cans
• Fibrous materials, e.g., cotton and wool
Drums and barrels
Expanded plastic (EPS)
• General production waste
• Shredded waste

Contact a member of our sales team to discuss a baler solution for your specific waste type.

The baler model that is best for you depends on the type and volume of material and the amount you generate daily. It also depends on the amount of space you have at your facility.

Using this information, we can determine the proper waste solution for you and your company. Our sales team is happy to work with you to find the best fit for your company’s structure and internal work processes.

Our B series machines all share the classic design with exterior cylinders. These machines were created specifically for baling cardboard, paper, and dry soft plastic (shrink wrap).

Our X series balers are our heavy-duty low-profile machines with interior cross cylinders. These machines were designed to handle various types of bulky waste materials. The X series balers provide a quiet working environment with the lowest noise level on the market.

Our B-series balers are designed to compact cardboard, paper, and dry soft plastic (shrink wrap).

Contact a member of our sales team prior to compacting any other types of materials in your baler.

Our X-series balers are designed to compact a variety of different heavy-duty waste materials, such as plastic bottles (PET), expandable plastic, aluminium or tin cans, and big bags. They are also very efficient at compacting materials like cardboard, paper, and dry soft plastic (shrink wrap).

Contact a member of our sales team before compacting other types of materials in your baler.

Compaction ratios of up to 10:1 can be expected for cardboard and low density plastic.

Yes, it is unnecessary to use a forklift to remove finished bales form our B4 small footprint balers. If needed, we can adjust the machine to make smaller bales which are no heavier than 55 – 65 lbs.

Yes, we do. Our 60” baler, the B6030, makes bales that meet standard mill-size dimensions and weight specifications. Finished bales weigh 800 - 1,300 lbs., depending on the material.

The low-profile design allows the baler to fit an 8 foot dock door standing up. Once the cylinders are raised, it can be installed and operated under an 11 foot ceiling.

No, our balers do not have a built-in scale. However, the bale size and weight do not fluctuate by much and will usually be the same.

Our BRA-IN monitoring solution allows you to view the average weight and number of bales made in your baler each week and/or month. You can also create reports for recycling compliance.

Yes, we do offer custom colors as special orders for an additional fee.

The standard yellow color of our balers is based on a scientific study of the basic human psychology that states yellow captures our attention more than any other color. The Bramidan yellow means that our balers are very easy to see in all types of working environments, which reduces the overall risk for accidents.

All of our balers are usually very quiet and can be placed in a variety of work environments without causing a disturbance.

Our B-series vertical balers have a very low noise level that never exceeds 57 - 68 decibels. The noise is comparable to that of a vacuum cleaner or air conditioning system.

Our X-series vertical balers have an even lower noise level that does not exceed 59 decibels. The noise is equivalent to conversational speech.

The weight and size of a finished bale depends on the size of the machine and the waste type.

Our small footprint vertical balers, like the B4 model, make smaller easy-to-handle bales. Finished bales made in one of these machines weigh between 66 - 220 lbs. for cardboard and 88 - 286 lbs. for plastic. Using a bale cart, the bales can be easily moved around your facility for storage or pickup.

Our medium size balers make a heavier bale that can be ejected and stored on a standard pallet. Finished bales weigh between 440 -772 lbs. for cardboard and 550 - 992 lbs. for plastic. Using a pallet jack or forklift, the bales can be easily transported.

Our large balers, like the B6030 and X30 HD models, make bales that are as heavy as  Large Size Balers compact bales as heavy as 825 - 1,200 lbs. for cardboard and 880 - 1,300 lbs. for plastic.
View the finished bale size dimensions of our balers under Product Specifications.