FAQ's - Troubleshooting service issues & baler repair

We answer the most common questions about baler repair and service issues.

The bottom door of the chamber may not be closed 100%, causing the door sensor to activate.

It is also possible the door sensor may be out of alignment and is in need of an adjustment. Please contact us for service.

Check the stop switch to make sure it is not pressed.

Press the reset button on panel if available. If not available, call for service.

  1. If the unit uses chains, they may be stretched and will need to be adjusted/replaced, call for service.
  2. The bale may be larger than recommended by OEM.
  3. If the unit is new, the bale could possibly be getting stuck on paint.
  4. The  ejection system may need to be inspected, call for service.

It is possible the sensor switch (limit, photocell, reflector) is out of adjustment. Call us for assistance.

This is caused by an error where the safety sensor is not working correctly or is being bypassed. Please call for service.

It could be due to one of the following issues:

  1. It is possible the motor coupler is loose. Call for service.
  2. The direct drive shaft may be broken. Call for service.
  3. Possible defective pump. Call for service.


  1. Possible counterweight issue, call for service.
  2. Possible sprocket or chain issue, call for service.
  3. Possible door bowed, call for service.

To solve this issue: grease the door hinges.

If that did not help, it could be possible that the hinges are worn. Please call for assistance.

To solve this issue, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Grease the turnbuckle/ratchet/binder.
  2. It could be possible that the turnbuckle/ratchet/binder is bowed, bent or worn. Please call for service.

It could be caused by one of the following:

  1. Possible pressure switch error. Call for service.
  2. Possible stuck valve. Call for service.

No, there is most likely some type of leak from one of the hose(s), cylinder(s) or the power unit. Call for service.