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Will a small or large baler work in your business?

MAY 3, 2021

Bale size is one of the main criteria for selecting the right size waste compaction machine. Depending on the warehouse conditions and logistics inside your company, some prefer small bales that are easy to handle, while others prefer large bales. Which baler is right for you?

Bramidan balers small B3 and big B50 baler and cardboard bales

Efficient waste management thanks to small and large balers

Balers allow for effective and comprehensive reduction of waste in your company and facilitate waste management. At the same time, compacted waste can be resold to companies purchasing raw materials. However, if compaction of cardboard or other waste is to be tailored to the company's needs, it is worth choosing the right machine.

Bramidan's balers have many different technical specifications. We are here to help you decide whether you need a small baler for waste or if you should invest in larger balers.

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Small balers - easy to place

Our small balers, as the name suggests, have a compact size. Thanks to their small design, they take up little space and can be successfully set up in places with limited space.

Do you have a small stockroom? We suggest where to place your waste baler so that it is convenient to use and the machine does not make it difficult for your employees to move around the room.

These types of machines allow you to reduce waste and compact it into small, handy and light bales, which can be transported and stored without the use of specialized equipment. Bales produced in the smallest B4 baler can be successfully handled manually by employees. This reduces the investment and operating costs associated with using forklifts to transport bales.

The weight of the produced bale in the B4 baler ranges from 85 to 130 lbs. (cardboard) and from 110 - 155 lbs. (plastic shrink wrap). Thanks to the right configuration, small balers can produce bales weighing up to 130 - 155 lbs. For this reason, the small baler is a perfect solution for small convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, gas stations or other small-area commercial facilities. The B4 baler is very efficient, producing small bales with a high waste density.

Bramidan baler model B4 and woman removing cardboard bale

Model B4 

Automatic bale ejection makes work easier. Very low noise level (<60 dB) ensures comfortable working conditions.

Bramidan baler model B3 woman removes cardboard bale with trolley

Model B5 Wide

The B5 Wide is a small footprint baler with a wide feed opening, very suitable for larger cardboard boxes. It has automatic bale ejection.

When it is worth investing in medium and larger waste balers

Investing in large balers is a great way to reduce waste and the workload associated with storing and transporting the compacted bales. Compaction of larger bales facilitate warehousing processes, they are easy to store and significantly reduce transport costs.

Bales produced by medium and large Bramidan balers - model B20 or B6030 - weigh from 450 to 1,200 lbs. (cardboard) and from 550 to 1,300 lbs. (plastic shrink wrap). Such bales can be easily removed from the machine, transported on forklifts and stored on pallets.

The largest machines - e.g. Bramidan B7242 SD and X50 HD - produce bales weighing from 750 to 1,700 lbs. (cardboard) and from 850 to 1,700 lbs. (plastic shrink wrap).

A large baler will work primarily in companies that have more storage space. Large bales are ejected onto pallets and can only be transported and stored using forklifts. However, larger bale sizes reduce the time needed to load bales for transport and reduce the costs of waste transport to the recyclers. Thanks to this, companies can save both time and money on waste management.

It is a good solution for large retail stores, warehouses and industry.

Bramidan baler model B20 woman ejecting cardboard bale

Model B20

The bale dimensions are optimized for transport - the finished bales fit on a standard pallet.

Bramidan baler model B30 and woman pulling plastic bale away

Model B6030

A wide feed opening and a large chamber allow for very easy loading of bulky waste.

Bramidan baler model X50 and man putting big cardboard boxes into the baler

Model X50

The high press force allows for efficient and quick compaction of recyclable industrial waste such as hard plastic, EPS, aluminum cans and more.

Bramidan baler model B50 and man pulling plastic bale away with forklift

Model X6030

The baler has a wide feed opening. The bales are optimized for transport - the larger bale size ensures faster loading.

Are you looking for the right baler for your needs?

Choosing the right baler for your waste is not easy. In order to properly match the baler to your company's needs, it is necessary to verify several key factors. In order to select the right machine, you should consider the amount, type and size of generated waste, logistics and the interior of your building, the amount of space needed for operating the machine.

Are you wondering which baler will be the best solution for your company? Contact us via the contact form and try out a Bramidan baler for free.

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