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How do we use data collected through BRA-IN Monitoring solution?

Data and communication are all about informing and enabling. They enable better decisions, and prepare us for future events based on what is happening now. Bramidan's 24-hour fleet monitoring database, BRA-IN, was built with this in mind - allowing you to remotely communicate and pull data from our machinery.

M2B - Machine to Business Communications

Bramidan balers are equipped with BRA-IN, or Bramidan Intelligence, that allows M2B (Machine to Business) communications. On a very practical level, this communication is an interaction that causes users to recognize that this machine is monitoring itself for wear and issues, for its own “survival” and to alert humans when they need to get involved. It can also provide histories, function and other data that can be analyzed and used.

Something as simple as an email reminder that it is time to perform maintenance is both reassuring and helpful. It is not unlike listening to input from our bodies. When you feel pain, it is the body (machine) telling your brain (Circuit board) that it needs attention. It is data. How you act on that data will determine the longevity of the working parts.

We are all inundated with data and communication, from emails, to texts, to television, and personal communication, so having data that can be repeated or automatically recur is important.

When it comes to IOT (The internet of Things), we are still not completely used to using and interpreting data. That is why we are highlighting this functionality in the Bramidan brand. For enterprises, the communication can help compare both strengths and weaknesses across that enterprise. Comparing data lets us visually see what we may suspect, but can’t quantify and as the old saying goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

We encourage our baler customers to look deeper into BRA-IN and to see if by interacting with the data, it does not become more a feedback loop just like that sore ankle or even the good feeling of a good workout.


Our BRA-IN web portal also allows you to view:

  • done Location of equipment - viewable on a map
  • done Status of machines - for optimized servicing
  • done Real-time fill levels - for route optimization
  • done Access to production data - on screen or via report


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