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Before you invest in a baler - try it out for FREE!

APRIL 20 2021

Want to optimize waste management at your company, but not convinced that it is worth investing in a baler? Are you unsure of which model is right for you or if the machine can handle the waste types you have? No need to worry. We offer a FREE baler trial to help you make the right decision.

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I was able to have it on trial for two weeks. I was convinced after one week.

Sjoerd van Santen, Director, Scheria

Henrik Dueholm Madsen foran malerobotter

Compacting waste has many benefits!

Waste compacting machines are successfully used by small, medium and large companies operating in the industrial, commercial, processing and service sectors. These companies want to optimize and increase the efficiency of technological processes every day, reduce time and resources spent on waste management, improve efficiency and safety at work, and earn money on waste.

The constant development of the company and maintaining a competitive advantage usually involves investment costs - the purchase of new technological lines, investing in more effective systems for managing the company or purchasing machines for compacting waste, which allow for faster and cheaper waste management.

Don't invest blindly...

Some entrepreneurs are afraid to invest in specialized waste machines without first verifying whether this type of equipment will meet all the company's requirements and adapt to the plant. Before making a decision to purchase, decision-makers may have concerns about whether the baler will be suitable for their work system and production line. Some common concerns are in regards to whether the machine can handle their unusual waste, and if the machine will provide any measurable benefits to their company.

And although, of course, manufacturers and distributors of balers provide full technical specifications of the devices offered and information allowing to estimate the return on investment period, many entrepreneurs prefer to try the machine directly in their plant before buying. This is not only understandable, but also a sensible approach.

Are you one of those people? Decide to have a baler for testing for FREE - this allows you to check the capabilities of our machine.

Time is important to us. Currently, we spend much less time managing waste.
M. Petersen, Seggelund Cafeteria

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The balers helped us increase the efficiency in waste collection on-site by going from 4 to 1 person.
M. Fontaine, Cosmeva - France

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The rate of return was less than 30 months. If all factors were included, the rate of return was less than 20 months – a no brainer.
Rob Weinhoff, Vice President, Chicago Coding Systems

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Baler trial at your company

Are you wondering if the investment in a baler is a good idea? Test it out at your company before buying. A baler trial will allow you to see how this type of machine will handle your company's waste and whether it will contribute to efficient and effective waste management.

This is a good opportunity to get to know all of the functionalities and parameters of the baler during its operation. You can also assess whether it will provide your company with the expected benefits. Based on your experience, you can determine whether investing in a baler is a good choice.

FREE trial installation of a baler - what is this about?

We provide our balers to all customers who are interested in testing our balers as a free trial. All you have to do is express your willingness to test a baler via the contact form.

Before the test, we will:

  • stop help you to choose the right baler model suitable for the company's needs,
  • stop deliver the machine to the address indicated,
  • stop connect the device, and
  • stop train your employees in the safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

If, after the end of the test, you decide that you do not want to invest in the baler, you can return it - just contact us. However, our experience shows that the machines after the test period usually remain in the hands of our customers permanently - as a result of purchase or rental.

Want to know more about Bramidan and our balers? Call us or fill out the form.

Kristian Buur

Vice President


Kristian Buur

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