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Our balers help Minneapolis compact waste. Do you also want to recycle?

When you think of Minneapolis, you don’t usually think of golf, but purportedly there are more golfers per capita than any other city. Betty Croker was invented in Minneapolis as was Pillsbury. Minnesota posted a combined recycling rate of 46% in 2018 which is the highest since the inception of SCORE in 1991. They use our compactors and balers for efficient compaction and recycling.

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Minneapolis city overview and Bramidan baler with BRA-IN monitoring system

BIG recycling rates in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Although the recycling rate continues to climb in Minnesota, capture rates indicate there is still opportunity to recycle more.

Recycling in Minnesota already brings economic benefits in the form of $690 million in revenue from collection, and 37,000 jobs supported by the industry (which adds nearly $8.5 billion to the state economy). Furthermore, hundreds of Minnesota companies purchase and manufacture products using recycled materials. In the wake of China’s policy changes, Minnesota has an opportunity to further develop its recycling economy through expanded collection, sorting, and end-market solutions previously provided by China.

Bramidan is proud to serve the state of Minnesota and be a part of the great success in the area.

Which type of waste handling equipment are you looking for?

We offer various machines for different waste fractions and volumes of waste.

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- of your daily waste compaction

For nearly 50 years, Bramidan has been designing balers while staying attuned to the customer’s needs. Today, we are still offering balers featuring state-of-art technology - our BRA-IN Intelligence -, with the highest safety and best value.

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Bramidan balers are well-known as stable and long-life baler machines. Whether you are in the retail business or hotel and restaurant trade, we will guide you with the right compaction solution for your needs.


Machines for heavy duty compaction

Do you want high-density bales? Compact your waste in vertical balers from our X-series. They have a strong and durable construction with cross cylinders.

Load big volumes continously

Do you have big daily volumes of waste? Compact your waste in horizontal balers. They have high capacity and continous feed loading.

... and we supply balers with the lowest noise levels

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