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Auger Compactors by Presto offered by Bramidan USA

JULY 28, 2021

Have you ever had a customer who wants the simplest possible solution for recycling, but simply does not have the labor force or time for a baler? Bramidan's Auger Compactors made by PRESTO are the answer.

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How do I know if an Auger Compactor is the right solution?

When your cardboard box volume is too little for an auto-tie baler and too large for a compactor - a stationary compactor is likely the right choice.  Bramidan proudly offers auger compactors made by PRESTO in Germany. Presto is one of the original manufacturers of auger compactors, and the SPN15 compactor has been on the market for over 30 years. With the SPN15 auger, you can fit up to 60% more into any sized receiver body compared to a regular press compactor. Spiral force is one of the most efficient and effective ways to move things in the universe (literally) and can maximize every load.

The SPN15 is a standard duty model made for cardboard boxes, paper, and empty PET bottles. The SPN-HD manages wood pallets and mixed cardboard with 4-5 layer wall thickness. It does not remove nails or staples, but it does break up the pallet into smaller pieces for easier extraction.

Save time and money. 60% more compaction means a 60% saving in hauling costs - typically saving thousands every month. It also means a 15 cubic yard receiver will hold as much as a ram fed 25 cubic yard container.

Worry free operation

Nothing complicated to do, no wires to manage, no chains, no hydraulic oil, no worries.

With the PRESTO lubrication sensor, you never have to worry about a seized screw or bearings because maintenance was neglected. The sensor will shut off the motor if the bearings are not thoroughly covered in lubricant or grease. A life saving feature for durability and a long life of use!

Girl puts cardboard box into Bramidan Baler B5 Wide

Innovative Screw

  • stop Built-in hollow cooling system
  • stop Cast metal does not crack when temperatures rise
  • stop Material seamlessly passes from the screw into the container
Girl puts cardboard box into Bramidan Baler B5 Wide

Digital Interface

  • stop Easy and practical operation
  • stop No learning curve as with some machines
Girl puts cardboard box into Bramidan Baler B5 Wide

No Chain Drive

  • stop Does not have a chain drive
  • stop Compactor driven by a sprocket mounted to the motor and a large sprocket on the screw
  • stop Design perfected for over 35 years

Feeder Options

We offer auto feeder options with two basic grabbers: light duty for regular OCC boxes or heavy duty for wood pallets.

You can hand feed, tipper feed, chute feed, or conveyor feed an auger without ever having to wait for a ram to retract like a regular compactor. With chutes, a dedicated cardboard box chute is required.

Better than a Ram Compactor

With a ram compactor you have at least two limitations, the speed the ram moves and the distance it penetrates the receiver. Augers eliminate that. They also eliminate the mess created behind the ram when things slide under the ram face.

The units can be supplied with a hopper that easily fits as a "top hat" for a full enclosure. This is a big savings. Plus, the elimination of a cylinder means you don't need a walk on plate before you reach the fill chamber. In other words, an enclosure on an auger compactor is about 1/4 the size of a 6-yard compactor enclosure.

What industries and applications are ideal for auger compactors?

Auger compactors are suitable for placement in the following locations:

  • done Distribution Centers
  • done Manufacturers
  • done Hospitals
  • done Amusement Parks
  • done Villages, Olympic, Seasonal
  • done Large Apartment Complexes
  • done Amusement Parks
  • done Villages, Olympic, Seasonal
  • done Large Apartment Complexes
  • done High Rise Buildings
  • done Beverage and Liquor
  • done Packaging Companies
  • done Retail Chains

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