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Vertical Balers Reduce Waste Volume in Retail Stores

Industry Insights

Businesses in the retail sector battle many types of waste on the daily: cardboard, soft plastic, paper, or aluminum cans can quickly take up storage space and require costly transport to manage. Many have turned to a preferred solution: vertical balers.

Balers in Retail

Packaging Waste: There's An Easier Way

Similar to large retail stores, packaging waste (i.e. cardboard boxes, plastic containers, EPS foam, etc.) poses a significant challenge for smaller, family-owned businesses. The limited space in a small retail store may hinder effective waste reduction, primarily due to its bulky volume.

To solve this problem, vertical balers compact waste into convenient, dense, and easily-transportable bales. Bramidan's line of vertical balers, designed with compactness in mind, allow you to reclaim valuable storage space and save significantly on transportation costs.

Since 1975, Bramidan has been supplied recycling equipment to small, medium, and large-size stores alike, leading the industry in durable vertical baling technology.

Choosing the Right Compact Baler for Your Small Retail Store

How do you know which baler is the best fit for you? To give you an idea of what's available, let's take a look at our top selling vertical balers.

Many vertical balers in the market neglect the need to operate a baler in a small space. Luckily, Bramidan offers a wide range of options to suit your backroom, with our smallest baler taking up just 3 sq. ft of space.

Combining efficiency and functionality, the B4 is a popular choice for small retail stores.

B4 Baler

  • stopExtremely simple and safe operation
  • stopLowest Noise level on the market
  • stopMinimal occupied space

For medium-sized stores, our B5 Wide model features a wide filling opening, designed for efficient compacting of large and bulky materials.

B5 Wide Baler

  • stop50% larger filling opening compared to the B3 model
  • stopThe chamber is more than twice as large
  • stopThe bale is more than 2.5 times larger compared to B3

B5 Wide balers can be equipped with vertical doors (VD), which open vertically to save space around the baler. Do you want to know more about the types of baler doors? 

Want to learn more about our next-gen balers?

Check out our wide range of vertical balers to find your perfect fit.

Baler B4

The B4 is a small machine that packs a powerful punch with a high press force and an automatic ejection system.

Learn more here.

Baler B4

Baler B5 Wide

An extra wide feed opening accommodate larges and bulky materials. Toss large boxes straight into the machine without breaking them down.

Learn more here.

Baler B5W

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Don't Waste Time with Your Waste

With the use of efficient, simple, and fast balers, you save valuable space in your backroom and eliminate the need for employees to spend time cutting or folding bulky boxes. This means they can focus on customer service, stock management, and other essential tasks.

In addition, automating your waste management at the source is a much safer alternative to taking recyclables out into an alley, especially if members of your team work late at night.

Offering a simple, safe, and intuitive design, our line of small balers are a perfect fit for the retail industry. Make storage and transportation a breeze by compacting waste into small and lightweight bales.

No matter the size of your store, you can rely on vertical balers for effective compaction of your waste into handy bales. 

Get Even More with BRA-IN Intelligent Monitoring

Elevate your store's waste management with BRA-IN.

By integrating a modem and SIM card into your machine, you gain access to valuable information like fill status, bale count, and service requirements. With this data at your fingertips, efficiently organize waste transport as soon as the volume of your baler reaches a predetermined threshold.

Have a fleet of balers to keep track of? BRA-IN empowers you to monitor the operation of balers across multiple stores in real time. Stay informed and in control, ensuring optimal performance and timely maintenance.

To avoid disruptions in your workflow, you can count on BRA-IN and our nationwide service to address any failures or malfunctions that may arise. Rest easy knowing that help is just a call away.

Experience the power of BRA-IN and maximize the efficiency of your store's waste management system. Benefit from real-time insights, streamlined operations, and reliable service to keep your balers running smoothly.

Unlock New Revenue Streams with Next-Gen Waste Management

In retail stores, balers offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Reduce costs and enhance waste management efficiency at the same time. This, in turn, enables stores to obtain higher-quality recyclable materials and generate additional revenue through resale in the secondary market.
  • Compacting waste significantly reduces its volume, resulting in less frequent transport and reduced disposal costs.
  • Effective sorting and use of materials like cartons, foil, and paper free up valuable employee time for more profitable activities.

By investing in a vertical baler, grocery and retails stores can create cleaner and more organized workspaces. Simultaneously, they capitalize on increased revenues from the resale of high-quality secondary raw materials.

Limited by Space? Find Your Small Baler at Bramidan.

In addition to serving large businesses since 1975, Bramidan prides itself on making balers for small businesses. After all, we used to be one. 

Explore Bramidan's wide range of compact balers to fit the size and needs of your retail store.

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VIDEO: Check out how our B3 and B4 compact balers work


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