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Choose the Right Galvanized Baler or Mobile Compactor for Wet Waste

Mobile Compactor SOlutions

Many companies deal with wet waste or waste with residuals. The best way to deal with this tricky waste? Galvanized Balers or Mobile Compactors.

Examples of wet waste (food) and waste with residuals (aluminum cans).

Organic waste and cans with residuals

What to do with organic waste or waste with residuals?

If your business is in the food industry, hospitality, or cosmetics sector, you're likely familiar with the challenges of disposing of wet waste or waste containing residuals. Efficiently managing this type of waste is essential not only for environmental sustainability, but also to meet regulatory compliance, achieve financial efficiency, and maintain a clean work environment.

For the industries listed above, it's critical to invest in machinery that is both durable against corrosion and proficient in handling wet organic waste. This includes waste like liquid residues, plastic bottles, cans, and dairy product cartons.

The solution lies in selecting equipment tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your business remains both environmentally responsible and operationally efficient.

Bramidan recommends the following machinery types:

  • Galvanized Balers
  • Mobile Compactors

Galvanized Balers Help You Handle Waste with Residuals

Bramidan's robust and corrosion-resistant galvanized balers specifically handle waste with liquid residues, making them ideal for wet or demanding environments. These balers are engineered to compress various materials such as plastic, aluminum, and EPS waste, even when they contain residual liquids. Using next-gen compression technology, our balers significantly reduce the volume of these waste fractions, saving you money by minimizing the frequency of waste collection.

A thick layer of zinc coating around and within the machine ensures exceptional resistance to corrosion. Plus, our galvanized balers are equipped with a drainage system that diverts any remaining liquid away from the machine, while the seal on the lower door effectively prevents leaks.

Bramidan provides a wide selection of galvanized baler models to meet your unique needs, including the X25, X30, and X50, available in standard configurations or with optional enhancements. Enhance your baler's functionality with our exclusive drainage system or the BRA-IN monitoring system for optimal performance and convenience. This variety allows for seamless customization to fit your operational requirements.

Benefits of Investing in a Galvanized Baler:

  • stop Effective, next-generation waste compaction.
  • stop Resistant surface for wet or demanding environments.
  • stop A generous capacity for compacting waste.
  • stop Minimized waste collection trips contribute to lower CO2 emissions.
  • stop Easy installation and low overall height..
  • stop Clear budgeting of operating costs.
  • stop Convenient online monitoring and remote support.
  • stop Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): We strive to provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the market over a 10-year period, ensuring that the cost of using our machines remains competitive and cost-effective.

Efficient Handling of Wet Waste with Mobile Compactors:

Managing organic and wet waste can be challenging to say the least. To manage liquid residue and unpleasant odors, mobile compactors are an ideal solution. Designed to handle wet waste, the seal on our PHR-PSR mobile compactors protects against leaks while ensuring a clean and odor-free environment. To further control and reduce unpleasant smells, a next-gen ozone system comes already incorporated into your compactor. 

For your safety, we've designed these compactors with all electrical components and cables fully protected against moisture, guaranteeing safe operation under wet conditions.

Operating our mobile compactors is simple and customized to meet your specific needs. Waste is loaded through various hopper solutions. Then, a pendulum and self-cleaning press plate move forward, compressing the material inside the compactor, ensuring efficient waste compaction.

Monitoring waste levels is hassle-free and easier than ever. When the container reaches 75% or 100% capacity, a full light indicator will flash, prompting you to either contact the waste collection company yourself or set up the machine for automatic collection messages. The waste collector will then pick up and empty the compactor, returning it to its designated place.

At Bramidan, we pride ourselves on making next-generation machinery. To equip you with our latest, advanced features, all new mobile compactors come installed with our BRA-IN control and communication unit. This system minimizes downtime and optimizes the compactor's capacity while ensuring minimal energy consumption, contributing to environmental sustainability. With the ability to set up automatic pick-ups based on the filling level, you can maximize the compactor's efficiency.

Additionally, our remote service support allows for convenient maintenance and access to the BRA-IN web portal, providing you with comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities. 

Benefits of investing in a Mobile Compactor:

  • stop Quick and easy installation. Connect power and the compactor is ready for use.
  • stop Solutions for easy filling for easy filling from ramps, wall openings, or lifts.
  • stop Large, generous capacity for compacting waste.
  • stop Fewer Transports = Less CO2 emissions.
  • stop Self-Cleaning Press Plate for Organic Waste.
  • stop Clear budgeting of operating costs on the mobile compactor.
  • stop Built-in BRA-IN Control Unit.
  • stop Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The cost of our machines are the lowest on the market over 10 years.

The Perfect Machine for You

We understand that every business has unique compaction needs. That's why we offer a wide range of balers and mobile compactors, ensuring that we have the perfect waste solution for your specific requirements.

Our machines are robust, resistant to mechanical damage, and protected from moisture. The result? Guaranteed durability and longevity.

When you choose Bramidan, expect reliable operation, low maintenance costs, and a significant reduction in waste disposal expenses. We stand behind the quality and performance of our equipment, offering excellent warranty terms and advantageous service agreements to provide you with peace of mind.

Feel free to reach out to us for more detailed information!

Harness the Power of Intelligent Data Management

Experience faster and smarter decision-making with our BRA-IN online monitoring system. By equipping your machine with a modem and data subscription, you gain access to the future of waste management.

Our service team uses online troubleshooting, which translates into fewer service visits and more cost savings for you. With the ability to identify errors remotely or procure the right spare parts promptly, we minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Investing in our intelligent data management system empowers you to make data-driven decisions, streamline operations, and enhance waste management effectiveness. Get in touch with us today to explore how our BRA-IN system can revolutionize your waste management.


Installation and service

At Bramidan, we not only guarantee the right machine for your needs, but also provide fast, nationwide service.

Our skilled service engineers have extensive experience in large-scale compactor installations across the country. We excel in handling complex repairs, ensuring coordination between clients and engineers for optimal outcomes.

From installation to ongoing support, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Contact us to experience seamless installation, reliable service, and a dedicated team ready to assist you.


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