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Balers in the Food Service Industry: How to Handle Restaurant Waste

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The food service industry in the US produces a serious amount of cardboard, plastic, and organic food waste. Ideally, with ethical food practices already in place, restaurants funnel their additional food waste to local communities and shelters. But, what is the most ethical and sustainable way to care for your recyclable waste?

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What Does Waste Look Like In the Food Industry?

Restaurants mainly generate cardboard and plastic waste, primarily in the form of new and used packaging. Undoubtedly, plastic waste poses a significant danger to the environment if not properly recycled. Balers in the food service industry seek to mitigate and manage both cardboard and plastic waste, at the source.

Benefits of waste compaction

Reduced number of waste collections, saving businesses on transport costs.

Safer, cleaner facilities to maintain a healthy, organized kitchen space.

Sorting and preparing waste for recycling invests in a greener footprint.


If you run a restaurant or a catering business and you have a lot of packaging, we recommend buying compact balers. Our line of compact balers are not only perfect for waste paper or cardboard, but also for plastic foil.

Check out the B4 and B5W balers here. 

These compact models are perfect for your catering business or restaurants since they take up little space, even in rooms with low ceilings. Plus, they are among the easiest and safest machines to use on the market today. Our technicians always provide training for your staff when installing the machines.

We also offer galvanised models of our balers for wet waste.

Compacting Restaurant Packaging Waste

In addition organic food waste, every restaurant generates large amounts of packagingcardboard, foil, plastic empty cans or PET bottles to name a few. 

Reasons to invest in a baler:

  • stopEase of use, convenience, and safety - Our balers feature a wide opening and comply with ANSI safety standards, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
  • stopVersatility - Our balers are designed to handle various types of packaging, including cardboard, foil, and aluminum cans.
  • stopSpace efficiency - By compacting waste into bales, you significantly reduce its volume, making storage and handling much easier. Our compact balers, such as the B3 and B4 models, produce convenient bales weighing up to 50 kg.
  • stopSimpler waste collection - Just tie off your bales and stack them, and they will be ready for collection by your waste management provider.

These are just a few compelling reasons why restaurants and catering companies should consider investing in balers. Contact us today, and we'll demonstrate the benefits of our machines and provide you with a customized offer tailored to your needs.

Easy Operation, Simpler Machine

Woman fills soft plastic waste into Bramidan B4 baler

Versatile Waste Management

One machine for all types of waste you need to compact: Cardboard, paper, plastic foil, etc.

Woman fills cardboard boxes into small B3 baler from Bramidan

Industrial Press Force in your Kitchen

Even in narrow spaces, no need to ever break down a box again.

Woman ejects small cardboard bale from Bramidan baler model B4

Save Time and Stay Injury-Free

With automatic bale ejection, enjoy quick and safe use for your team.

Trust in Bramidan to keep your kitchen clutter-free!

With the help of a vertical baler, watch the workflow in your catering business or restaurant flow seamlessly. With many models to choose from, we will get you matched with an ideal baler for your food service business.

Give us a call to find your restaurant-ready baler.

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