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Paper Bales: A Brand-New Chapter in the Print and Advertising Sector

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Managing waste in the print and advertising sector involves handling large quantities of paper waste and post-production material. With an increased volume of paper waste than ever before, businesses now turn to vertical balers to enhance logistics, streamline operations, and cut down on waste disposal costs.

Bramidan baling presses in the printing and advertising industry

A Long-Awaited Solution for Printing Houses

Printing houses, publishing houses, and printing companies face the ongoing challenge of dealing with increased volumes of post-production waste. In the printing industry, the types of waste generated can vary significantly. Some waste types include: Scrap paper & Posters, Cardboard boxes & Packaging, Plastic foil and Aluminum cans.

Storing loose waste in warehouses not only consumes valuable space, but also hinders mobility around the facility. Old methods of waste management, such as manual waste reduction and the preparation of mixed or newsprint for resale, can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

With Bramidan's line of impressive vertical balers, print and advertising businesses revolutionize their waste management by turning recyclables into second-hand profit. 

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How Do Baling Machines Help the Printing Industry?

Managing post-production waste is crucial for printing companies. So, the right selection of balers and waste presses can play a crucial role in your sustainable, financial workflow. Our vertical balers not only streamline operations, but also minimize waste volume by compacting it into dense, manageable bales.

The compacted bales can be conveniently stored and transported to mills, haulers, and recycling facilities. Plus, you can sell mill-size bales back to your recycling plant for profit.

While other vertical balers can be confusing to operate, our B20 and X50 balers are amongst the most straightforward and user-friendly in the industry, thanks to installation and training provided by certified Bramidan technicians.

In the printing industry, balers are highly regarded for their ease of use, quiet operation, reliability, and top-notch safety features. Discover how these innovative machines are revolutionizing waste management in the printing industry, promoting efficiency and sustainability.

Overwhelmed with Paper Waste?

Waste presses and vertical balers offer a game-changing solution by reducing waste volume and minimizing downtime at the source.

When it comes to paper and post-production waste, the B and X-series balers from Bramidan are top choices. These balers deliver optimal press force, feature a wide opening, and effectively compact all types of waste generated by your printing company. 


Our balers are ready for your waste:


Cardboard boxes in a pile

Paper scraps

Shredded paper in a pile


Soft plastic

Hard plastic

White plastic cans

Vertical balers for Paper Waste

As we previously mentioned, the B20 and X50 are two popular models that our print and advertising customers find success with.

While these models have received praise, it's important to note the diverse selection of balers and compactors to meet your specific needs. To explore our full catalog and find the perfect solution for your printing business, click here.

Model B20 - Toss in whole cardboard boxes

Model B20 - Loading the baler with waste

Model B20 - Eject a finished cardboard bale

Model B20 - Ejection of the finished bale

Model X50 - Throw large boxes in the chamber

Model X50 - Placing the waste in the chamber

Model X50 - Removal of finished bale

Model X50 - Removal of finished bale

Not sure if a baler is right for you? Try it out first!

We offer a free baler trial for qualified clients, so you can test the machine in your facility before purchasing. 

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Check out how our balers work

Video: Our baler B30 Wide is safe and easy to operate, with a wide feed opening for large cardboard boxes and post-production material.

Video: The balers in our X-series have strong cross cylinders to compress recyclables into high density bales. 

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