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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Vertical or Horizontal Baler for Cardboard

Waste generation usually goes hand in hand with running a thriving business. As business grows, disposal costs and storage needs for cardboard also increase. With a vertical or horizontal baler, you can manage waste more efficiently -- while saving time and money at the same time. 

Cardboard boxes

The main purpose of a cardboard baler is to reduce the overall volume of waste. Balers are usually in one of two forms - vertical or horizontal. A larger feed opening on a vertical baler and automatic horizontal baler allows you to compact much more waste, and in effect, producing a bale that is larger and heavier.

There are several other advantages to using a vertical and hortizontal baler. Learn more below.

1. Save money on waste expenses

Your company can significantly reduce waste expenses, manpower, and work space by compacting cardboard in a Bramidan baler. Compacting cardboard in a vertical or horizontal baler reduces the overall volume of waste. As a result, the amount of space needed to store material decreases.

The overall costs for transport and waste handling are lowered when the amount of material being picked up is cut in half.

Compacted raw materials like cardboard are of a higher value, which allows you to generate a revenue stream for your waste. Many recyclers and waste companies prefer bales that are "ready-to-receive" and easy to pick up. Using a baler achieves this in just a few short steps.

Compact bales from the CC40 Horizontal baler

Horizontal baler CC - removing the bale

Horizontal baler CC40 in action

Horizontal baler CC - the bale ejection

2. Optimized space management

Space management is a key element for optimal functioning of a company. When work space is used ineffectively, such as for storing loose cardboard, production slows. By using a vertical or horizontal baler to compact cardboard into bales, excess space can be allocated to more important functions.

We know that every inch of space in your warehouse is valuable. One of the many benefits of having a cardboard compactor is reduced volume, which also significantly reduces the amount of space needed to store waste. This enables you to free up space and use it more efficiently.

3. Logistical upgrades

Upgrade logistics for your company with a Bramidan vertical or horizontal baler equipped with our intelligent monitoring system. When you have a better idea of the amount of waste generated in your equipment, you can coordinate pick ups and reschedule unnecessary transports.

Fewer pickups means reduced waste handling costs directly impacted by less frequent emptying of containers. You'll likely also see fewer problems related to planning an effective schedule for waste disposal.

When your baler is equipped with the Bramidan Intelligent Monitoring Solution (BRA-IN), you will have access to data such as the amount of waste handled, number of bales made, if it is time for a pick up, or when service is due. All of this optimizes the logistics of internal waste handling and external transport.

BRA-IN remote monitoring system

BRA-IN - device monitoring system

4. Improve employee safety

Our machinery meets EN16500 standards, which means the device will not operate until the top and bottom doors are fully closed. A dual security system detects machine function and stops the device if a failure occurs. This increases employee safety and eliminates the risk for accidents related to your baler for cardboard.
Bramidan balers are free of all exterior moving parts and protruding elements. A secure turnbuckle ensures safe and controlled opening of the door. A two handed ejection system requires you to use two hands to remove a finished bale.
Lastly, staff do not have to worry about exposure to loud noises, as all of our machines have very low noise levels.

Two-handed ejection system

X30 - safe bale ejection

Safely open door with turnbuckle

X30 - safe closing of the door

5. Efficient and convenient

A simple two button control panel makes our balers very easy to use. A full bale indicator light notifies you when it is time to make a bale. Safely tie off the finished bale and eject onto a pallet with the automatic ejection system.

You can conveniently place our balers close to the waste source. When integrated within the production line, staff can quickly compact cardboard on the spot.

A baler for cardboard provides an easy and efficient way to reduce overall waste volume, reduce internal transport, and optimize work efficiency in your business.

Loading the low profile baler with cardboard

X30 - loading the baler with cardboard

Eject the finished bale onto a pallet

X30 - the bale ejection

There are several other benefits...

A baler has many other benefits than those listed here. Contact us today to hear more about how you can benefit from a baling solution. Our experienced team members are happy to advise you on selecting a baler that is perfect for your company.

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