BALER FOR Expanded Polystyrene

Foam and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) are valuable recyclables

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and foam take up a lot of space. Compacting this type of waste has a huge advantage. A granulator can shred EPS to very small pieces (ratio 3: 1), or you can make high densigy blocks (40:1) with one of our EPS compactors.

How space consuming is EPS waste?

EPS and foam are lightweight materials that contain a ton of air. As a result, they take up valuable space in your warehouse.

Compact EPS into blocks

Compacted EPS can be sold for recycling. Our compactors can reduce your EPS waste volume (40:1). They compact it into hard and stackable blocks.

Manage EPS waste by shredding it

Use an EPS Granulator to shred waste into more manageable pieces.


  • stop Too much time spent on waste handling
  • stop Not enough space for voluminous Foam and EPS waste
  • stop Added expenses of transporting EPS waste



  • done Less time spent on waste handling
  • done More efficient use of work space
  • done Environmentally friendly waste management
  • done Save money on pickups and transporting waste


Which type of waste material do you have?

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)


EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

EPS is used for electronic equipment packaging and insulation. It is also used in many other industries for food transport, such as fish, meat and vegetables.

Used Expanded Polystyrene is very voluminous and takes up a lot of space in dumpsters. Although it's a light material, it is also bulky. A baler or EPS compactor and shredder can be used for compression or shredding.


Foam is mainly used for insulation of tranpsorted goods. It's composed of several different materials.

You can compress lightweight types of foam waste with a baler. However, it can be hard to compact dense and expansive types.Contact us today to find the best solution for you.

We recommend the following machines for foam and EPS waste:

Shred EPS containers with a granulator

Reduce the volume of EPS containers by 3:1 using a EPS granulator.

Create dense blocks of EPS with compaction

Our model Tiger 300 effectively compresses EPS boxes into hard and stackable blocks that do not take up much space  (40:1).


VIDEO: Watch a EPS Granulator in action as it shreds Expanded Polystyrene.

VIDEO: Heger Lion machine compacts foam into stackable blocks.

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