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We are maintaining support services to our customers during Covid-19 crisis

17 MARCH 2020

At Bramidan, we are continuing business operations under the changing conditions of government. We are doing our utmost to ensure that logistics, retail and other infrastructure continue to operate. Fortunately, so far we have full production capacity with no Covid-19 infections.

We have full production capacity

Even though we are operating under the changing conditions of the Covid-19 situation, as you know conditions may change from day to day.

We will do our very best to ensure that logistics, retail and other infrastructure can continue to operate. So far we have been able to keep full production capacity.

There are currently only few transport delivery problems for goods going in and out of our factory. These are closely monitored and handled directly with the individual affected customers.

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Our service engineers are still doing their very best to serve and help our customers with emergency tasks. They take all possible precautions during their work to avoid any risks during the Covid-19 situation.

— Kristian Buur, Vice President, Bramidan US

What we are doing – COVID-19 measures

These are the instructions we provide to Bramidan external sales staff and service engineers, in order to minimize any risk of spreading the virus:

  • stopNo operatives who have recently travelled to an area covered by a government advisory notice will have contact with other persons.
  • stopNo member of staff has been in contact with anyone who has recently been diagnosed with the virus.

All members of staff have been instructed to:

  • stopBefore any customer visit, make a phone call to their contact person to avoid any physical contact.
  • stopHave no physical contact during visits (handshakes etc.) with min. distance of at least 6 feet.
  • stopWash and sanitize hands in/out of visit locations.
  • stopAsk above questions before attending any meeting.

Our main concern is the well-being and safety of our employees as well of our customers, still ensuring, however, that we can facilitate a responsible operation following the guidelines of our government.

— Henrik Dueholm Madsen, CEO Bramidan A/S

At our factory in Denmark, we made these precautions for all employees:

  • stopAll travelling abroad has been cancelled.
  • stopOnly personnel critical to production are working at the factory, all others are working from home.
  • stopWash zones have been established at all entry points.
  • stopMeetings with more than 10 persons have been cancelled.
  • stopLunch facilities are divided between groups of employees in various time slots.
  • stopSpecial rules have been applied for receipt of goods, no contact with freight forwarders.
  • stopGood practice for washing hands and hygiene in general has been introduced to all employees.

We are well prepared to face these challenging times and we are working hard to put the safety of our people and customers at the forefront of all of our services.