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5 Reasons You Need a Vertical or Horizontal Baler for Cardboard  

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Unlock the power of efficient waste management with a vertical or horizontal baler for your cardboard waste. Discover the top 5 reasons why companies are turning to balers to improve their business's bottom line. From space optimization to cost savings and environmental impact, check out the game-changing Bramidan benefits that will make your waste management a breeze.

Cardboard boxes at the landfill

Drowning in cardboard? Bramidan balers, whether in the form of a vertical baler or a horizontal baler, excel in their primary task of reducing waste volume.

However, these machines offer more than just volume reduction. Discover the additional advantages they bring to your waste management process.

1. Reduce Your Company's Expenses

Maximize Cost Savings

Investing in a baler for cardboard offers a powerful solution to reduce your company's expenses. By compacting cardboard waste in a baler, you eliminate overflowing containers and save space around your facility. Reducing your waste volume translates to substantial savings in both transportation and storage costs.

Streamline Waste Transport

With compacted cardboard boxes occupying minimal space, you greatly reduce the frequency of waste transportation from your company. Most companies report at least a 50% reduction in transportation costs, while also minimizing the resources required for waste storage.

In other words, you save money and improve your operational workflow, with one convenient machine. 

Increase Revenue

By compacting your cardboard waste into neatly baled packages, you gain leverage when negotiating with waste handling companies. The market value of compacted recyclables is considerably higher, enabling you to secure better sale prices.

This presents an opportunity to generate higher revenues from the sale of your compacted cardboard waste.


Horizontal bales HPK - removing the bale

Horizontal bales HPK - removing the bale

2. Your Cardboard Doesn't Pay Rent

A baler significantly reduces the amount of storage needed for waste. If your large volume of boxes is taking up an entire wing of your facility, reduce that cardboard by up to 90% to free up workable space once again.

After all, since you're paying for that space, it's worth using every inch of it. Efficient logistics and management of your space contributes to the essential functioning of your company. Saved space can be allocated for additional assortment or new machines to improve the company's operation.

3. Easy Logistics for a Healthier Waste Workflow

By compacting cardboard waste and reducing its volume, you minimize the number of required transports and improve your company's overall waste logistics. Say goodbye to the challenge of waste disposal during busy production seasons, since fewer transport trips keep your business needs simple and organized. 

Plus, enhance your waste management further with the help of BRA-IN, a real-time monitoring system to keep you alert on filling levels, bale count, and service requirements. 

Learn more here.

BRA-IN - device monitoring system

4. Keep Your Employees Safe

Our balers prioritize employee safety and adheres to the top standards outlined by ANSI. Enhanced safety measures like a door interlock systems ensures that operation only starts when the door is closed, minimizing the risk of accidental activation. 

All our equipment is designed to be ultra-secure, with a sturdy spindle lock and controlled bale ejection system that requires the use of both hands for added safety.

These robust safety features are paired with the lowest noise level on the market. Our balers operate quietly, providing a comfortable working environment with reduced noise levels for employees.

Safe bale ejection

X30 - safe bale ejection

Safe closing of the door

X30 - safe closing of the door

5. Convenient and Easy To Use, for Your Entire Team

Designed for simplicity, our compact balers enable employees to quickly and easily compress waste after a brief training session. With just two buttons on the control panel and helpful indicators, the baler guides you through each step with a backlight and full-light indicator system.

Our low-profile balers can be conveniently positioned near the waste source, allowing for efficient and comfortable cardboard compaction. Instead of traversing across a facility or outdoors, your employees save time on waste management by baling at the source.

Plus, our balers can be seamlessly integrated into your production line to minimize internal transport and enhance overall work efficiency. Simplify your waste management process and boost productivity with our reliable balers for cardboard.


X30 - loading the baler with cardboard     

X30 - loading the baler with cardboard

X30 - the bale ejection

X30 - the bale ejection

These Are Just The Start

There are plenty more ways a baler can start to help you and your business.

Need a baler for cardboard? Contact us today! Our expert staff will get you matched with the right baler in no time.

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