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Retail - Small Format Stores

Outside Argedis Total Petrol station in France

Argedis Total

Thanks to two X25 HD balers, Argedis Total has cut cardboard collections to a sixth

Two X25 HD balers have cut Argedis’ cardboard waste collections to a sixth and enable them to negotiate the best possible price for their cardboard.

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Statoil petrol station


Statoil frees up space and time with a B4 baler

With a B4 baler installed, the Danish Statoil service station in Brabrand has no need for a backroom container or to cut up cardboard boxes before throwing them out.

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Wurth employees at Wurth test center


Baler increases efficiency and safety in the work place at Würth

Investing in a Bramidan X10 HD baler enables Danish tools supplier, Würth, to free up own resources in the daily working routines and increase safety at the working place.

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Gander Outdoors main entrance

Gander Outdoors

Balers for optimized waste handling and service monitoring

Gander Outdoors chose Bramidan balers with built-in monitoring system for their new stores. It was their long term service partner JWR who recommended this equipment.

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Retail - Medium Format Stores

Leader Price cars and people in front of store

Leader Price

Leader Price invested in two balers and saved 30% on their waste bill

By choosing balers B20 and X25 HD for their warehouse, Leader Price reduced their expenses on waste handling equipment by 30%.

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Superbrugsen Graasten customer entering supermarket


SuperBrugsen compacts heaps of packaging waste with two balers

Staff at the Danish supermarket SuperBrugsen, unpacks convenience goods delivered twice weekly. They quickly get rid of packaging waste, using two balers. This keeps the storage room clear and tidy.

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Ace Hardware cars in front of store

Ace Hardware

Baler saves Ace Hardware for significant maintenance costs

By investing in a X25 HD baler, Ace Hardware Store expects to spend less on repairs and service costs compared to their old baler.

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Groenrijk Garden centre garderne with plants

Groenrijk Garden Centre

Groenrijk Garden Centre saves $1600 annually on container rentals with a Bramidan baler

A B20 baler displaces the need for containers to store the waste at Groenrijk Garden Centre. That means $1600 annual savings on container rentals – and the baler investment pays itself off in just five years.

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Norauto Bizanos outside the autocentre


Baler solution means 50% more space at Norauto

For French autocentre, Norauto, a X25 HD baler from Bramidan means space gains of more than 50%. They also had clear economic advantages. Norauto ceased skip container leasing and reduced number of collections.

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Gaarne Garden Centre woman and flowers

Gaarne Garden Centre

Gaarne Garden Centre frees up one hour in daily operations with a X30 HD baler

Two Bramidan X30 HDs has made Gaarne Garden Centre’s waste handling so efficient, they save more than one hour every day from waste handling.

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Retail - Large Format Stores

OBI employee explains to customer about a drilling machine


OBI turns waste into value with a Bramidan X30 HD baler

Rather than spending time and money on disposal of loose waste, Hungarian DIY centre, OBI, opted for a Bramidan X30 HD baler and now sell highly compacted bales to the paper industry.

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Industry & Production

Prairie State Group big cardboard boxes in the factory

Prairie State Group

Prairie State Group saves more than $3300 every month with B6030 baler

After investing in a Bramidan B6030 baler, custom label manufacturer, Prairie State Group, saves more than $3300 on their monthly waste bill – and improves recycling rates by 40 pct.

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Citizens of Humanity two men in white working clothes

Citizens of Humanity

The B6030 frees up staff for production at Citizens of Humanity

After investing in a B6030 baler, the Los Angeles-based denim factory saves so much time that they have moved one person from handling boxes and into the production

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Maserati Granturismo convertible sportcar


Maserati’s waste pick-ups reduced to a sixth with a Bramidan baler

A cleaner factory floor, a reduction by six in daily waste pick-ups, and savings on container rentals are the gains for Italian car manufacturer, Maserati, after installing balers from Bramidan.

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Method Home people in the factory

Method Home

Balers help Method Home fulfil zero landfill vow

Using two Bramidan balers, Chicago-based environmentally-friendly soap manufacturer, Method Home, meticulously sort their production waste to ensure that no fragment is taken to landfill.

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Man next to cardboard bales at Donson Machine

Donson Machine

Donson Machine halves waste pickups with a Bramidan baler

After installing a B6030 baler, machine manufacturer Donson Machine, now sort their waste and has successfully halved the number of waste pickups.

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Man infront of yellow B5 Wide baler with dustbags inside


Nitta overcomes PVC dust in the factory with B5 Wide baler

Recycling large bags of PVC powder creates a lot of dust – a stressful task for employees. A B5 Wide baler compresses the bags into dust free 225 lbs bales.

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Man next to X10 baler and two cardboard bales

Chicago Coding Systems

ROI for Bramidan X10 HD is just 20 months at Chicago Coding Systems

Investing in a baler was a no-brainer for Chicago Coding Systems. Their waste costs and container rental easily exceeded the rate per month for a baler purchase – the ROI of the baler was less than 20 months.

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Rewair production area


Rewair saves an hour a day on waste handling with Bramidan X30 HD

Since installing a Bramidan X30 HD at the end of the production line, RewAir saves approx. one hour every day from not hauling waste to an outside container.

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Woman in pink at assembly line at Sauer Danfoss


Production increases considerably with the addition of 10 Bramidan balers

After Danish hydraulics manufacturer, Sauer-Danfoss, installed 10 balers from Bramidan directly at the production waste flow, production has increased enough to warrant a 10-baler investment.

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Two employees cutting chicken at assembly line

Scheria Verdienst

Two-week trial convinced Scheria Verdienst to start baling

Not fully convinced about the benefits of baling, meat products producer, Scheria Verdienst, opted for a two-week free Bramidan baler trial. The trial soon turned into a two-baler investment.

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Man moves cardboard bale with forklift truck

Sunarc Technology A/S

With four Bramidan balers, Sunarc Technology A/S saves 30 minutes every day

Installing four Bramidan balers directly in the production area the workflow at Sunarc Technology A/S has freed up more than 30 minutes every day for employees.

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Distribution & Warehouse

Man working in the production area


Baler success convinces Bravilor to invest in additional six machines

For Bravilor, adding a X25 HD was so successful in terms of optimizing staff’s time and the overall production flow that the company has added five more balers to their machine park to further optimization and productivity.

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Louis Vuitton Main entrance and Louis Vuitton bags

Louis Vuitton

X25 HD saves Louis Vuitton $1700 every month on waste collections

Daily waste collections are reduced to just one every week with a X25 HD resulting in a monthly saving of $1700 for Louis Vuitton. The small basement under their Parisian HQ is clear and tidy as most bins have become superfluous.

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Man fills cardboard waste into yellow baler

Chicago Tech

Bramidan B6030 improves Chicago Tech’s recycling rates

With a Bramidan B6030 baler, Chicago Tech ensures that all their cardboard is recycled and does not end up in landfill. Furthermore, sorted bales generate a higher revenue.

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Drum press at Arctic research station in Greenland


Custom drum press from Bramidan keeps the Arctic waste free

A special drum press makes it easy to compress oil drums at the Zackenberg research facility in Greenland. The compressed drums are easy to ship back to Denmark to prevent contamination of the fragile environment.

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Cardboard is filled into small baler


Bramidan B5 Wide replaces 4-yard dumpster and reduces haulings to a tenth

Automotive parts distributor Herko replaced a 4-yard outside dumpster with a small B5 Wide baler. This reduced waste collections from 2-3 times a week to just once every other month.

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Small Webshop Distribution

employee fills cardboard into B3 stockroom baler

Marshal Wallets

Bramidan B4 baler reduces time waste for Marshal Wallets’ staff

At Marshal Wallets, an indoor Bramidan B4 baler means huge savings by reducing the time staff wastes on moving boxes from the warehouse to the outside dumpster.

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Restaurants - Casual Dining

Woman unpacking food in canteen


Deloitte reduced waste pick-ups by a fifth with a X10 HD baler

One X10 HD baler replaces two 290 gallons waste containers at international auditing firm, Deloitte. With the baler, the number of waste pick-ups is reduced from once a week to once every five or six weeks.

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Hilton Hotel Front of Hilton Hotel Paris

Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotel in Paris experiences 80% cost reduction on waste disposal with a X25 HD baler

A Bramidan X25 HD baler compacts Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris hotel’s to a fifth in volume, resulting in a daily output of just four containers instead of 20. The total savings on waste handling means a baler ROI of just three months.

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Eiffel Tower and green lawn

Eiffel Tower

One cardboard bale replaces 10 containers

The space for waste handling at the Eiffel Tower is very restricted. Two balers were installed to keep this famous tourist attraction clean and tidy. Cardboard waste from the restaurant is now efficiently compacted.

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people ready for playing golf

Falster Golf Club

Golf club chooses Bramidan baler for a more secure and easier waste handling

The small Bramidan B4 baler makes it easy for Falster Golf Club to get rid of empty packaging and at the same time keep the surroundings nice and tidy while saving space.

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