Downstroke baler from Bramidan

Save time and money with a downstroke baler

Intelligent waste management optimizes your business. At Bramidan, we can help you save valuable resources, time and money.

Use a downstroke baler for environmentally friendly waste management

Your company can benefit from an evaluation of your waste handling practices. Waste management is about thinking smarter while being environmentally aware of the amount of world resources.

Choose a downstroke baler solution from Bramidan:

  • Increase efficiency of your waste handling
  • Free up space
  • Turn your recyclables into cash
  • Implement green business practices

Fast results from our efficient downstroke baler

What we do at Bramidan is actually quite simple - we are experts  in waste management and compaction.Our downstroke baler is designed for the compaction of recyclable materials.

It's about taking something that is unnecessarily large and making it smaller. When compacting your waste, you save space, as well as free up staff. At the same time, the number of container pickups are reduced. Increase your profit while you optimize your waste handling.

When you handle your waste efficiently, it benefits both your business and the environment.

Komprimér dit pap- og plastaffald i en X30 ballepresser

X30 strong downstroke baler

Easily handle large cardboard boxes by compressing cardboard and plastic waste.

Spar tid og penge på affaldshåndteringen med en model X30

Quickly remove finished bales

With our safe two-handed ejection system.

Køb eller lej en effektiv ballepresser hos Bramidan

Easily move finished cardboard bales

Several types of waste can be baled in the X30 downstroke baler, including expandable materials.

Why invest in a Bramidan downstroke baler?

  • stop Earn a profit on your recyclables.
  • stop Reduce overall waste voume. Free up space in your stock room, warehouse, or manufacturing facility.
  • stop Transparent operating costs with the option of a full service agreement.
  • stop Work space that is safe and free of empty cardboard boxes.
  • stop Save money on the disposal of used packaging and increase your bottom line.
  • stop Use Bramidan's intelligent BRA-IN data management to monitor your machine and analyze performance.
  • stop Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) over 10 years. We want the cost of using our machines to be the lowest in the market over 10 years.

Try out our downstroke baler for free

Free trial to test a downstroke baler and see if it is a good fit for you and your business.

We provide delivery, installation, and training in the use of the machine.

Customer recommendations

Thousands of customers have used a Bramidan downstroke baler to compact their bulky waste into high density bales. Find out why our customers are recommending us.


Nationwide service network

We guarantee our downstroke baler is the right fit for your needs. We offer a nationwide network of service providers and consumables for your machine.

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