Balers for paper waste

Efficient compaction in a baler for paper waste

Save on disposal costs and free up space by compacting with a baler for paper waste. Paper waste is often found as newspapers, paper bags and sacks, magazines, as well as shredded materials.

Paper waste collected in huge cardboard boxes at Illochroma

How much space is needed for paper waste?

Empty paper bags and other paper waste can take up a lot  of space in your stock room, in your store or on your dock.

Compact paper bags in a baler

We have balers that can compress many types of paper waste. Tell us about your waste type and quantities, so we can help you find the right machine for your company.

Automatically eject the finished bale

Removing finished bales is simple and safe with our automatoic ejection system. All of our machines are designed and manufactured according to the highest safety standards.


  • stop Expensive cost of container rental
  • stop Messy work area increases the risk of injuries
  • stop Inefficient waste management takes a lot of time
  • stop Environmental effects of not sorting waste


  • done Decrease waste management costs
  • done Clean and tidy work space and increased security
  • done Sell compacted paper waste
  • done Optimized workflow


Which type of waste do you have?

Shredded paper

Paper bags


Shredded paper waste

Shredded paper

By placing a baler near the waste source, you can save time spent on waste handling and improve your company's internal workflow.

You can use a compactor to compress shredded paper into high density bales. Regardless of the type of shredded paper, it can be baled.

Green coloured paper waste compacted into bales

Paper bags stacked

Paper bags

Contact us to help you find the right baler for compressing empty paper bags at your company.

You can compact paper bags, however, some are lined with plastic film, which may affect the possibility of recycling. Paper bags come in several shapes and sizes.

Bales with compacted paper sacs stacked in the warehouse

Shredded News Paper


You can compact newspapersinto easily transportable bales.

It is important to make sure that newspapers are not bundled before they are compressed, as this can cause them to not compact fully.

The baling solution for newspapersis either a vertical baler or a channel baler. The amount of waste generated at your company will determine which machine is the right fit.

Newspaper for recycling compacted in a baler

We recommend these machines for paper waste:

Small X10 for paper waste

The X10 baler is a small but powerful machine. It fits perfectly into narrow spaces.

Girl fills empty cardboard boxes into Bramidan baler for compaction

Automatic ejection system on B4 baler

Low height with a full-bale indicator light when the machine is ready to finish a bale. This is a feature you won't find on other small balers.

Girl ejects cardboard bale from small footprint baler B4 automatically

Very low noise levels on X25 baler

Our X Series balers have the lowest noise level on the market. Place a baler at the waste source and save time.

Man puts cardboard waste into X25 HD baler from Bramidan

VIDEO: B3 and B4 small stockroom balers for waste compaction

VIDEO: X-series balers are strong and have low noise levels

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