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8th Anniversary of BRA-IN Fleet Monitoring Solution

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Bramidan celebrates 8 years since the launch of our 24-hour fleet monitoring database, BRA-IN. Check out our industry-changing system for balers and compactors, optimizing your waste handling and reducing operational costs.

Manage your equipment with BRA-IN monitoring

Since the launch of our BRA-IN fleet monitoring system in 2016, Bramidan has provided a single tool for our customers to manage their balers and compactors.

With a unique database, fleet owners can view precise data and information about their baler.

The result? Faster, better decision-making at a glance for your entire fleet. 



Our BRA-IN web portal also allows you to view:

  • done Location of equipment - viewable on a map
  • done Status of machines - for optimized servicing
  • done Real-time fill levels - for route optimization
  • done Access to production data - on screen or via report


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Kristian Buur

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